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As a youth Frank started playing guitar and singing songs with his relatives in western Maryland.  The rich country harmonies and melodies attracted him and he continued to pursue his passion for music as the family relocated to the greater Baltimore area. Playing in rock and pop bands in his high school and college years led him to polish his abilities and strengthen his vocal prowess until he started landing gigs in the more prominent bands of the time.  One such band he joined in the late 80’s was a popular group named Cry Monday that had local notoriety and had even performed on the popular talent show of the time called Star Search hosted by Ed McMahon.  Frank stayed with that group for 17 years while also performing with his “side” project called The Late Show (named after a Jackson Browne song). Along the way Frank started “sitting in” with an acoustic based trio that played primarily Jimmy Buffett songs and was soon asked to join the group.  That band was called Sons of Pirates and Frank took over the lead vocal and lead guitar parts which lead him to spend nearly 21 years in “Margaritaville”.  Now the primary focus is on solo acoustic offerings and the duo/trio version of his acoustic group Mack and Slim featuring himself as Mack and the talents of his primary partner Danny Reaves as Slim.  With the addition of Jeff Harmon on bass and percussion provided by Dayton Alford, the trio has formed a strong, vocal powered group that is known as Boys of Summer.  BOS features all the best of yesteryears beach music and pop music with a dash or two of country thrown in for good measure.

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