Frank McCreary

Acoustic/Electric guitar/Vocals

Solo/Duo/Trio/Full Band

Frank McCreary is a well seasoned professional musician/vocalist hailing from Maryland.  His current project is primarily working with the duo known as Mack and Slim.  M&S perform a variety of acoustic driven songs that run the gamut from swing to Sting.  Easy listening songs and ballads are their forte focusing on the decades from the 60’s to the 90’s while peppering in a taste of current country and pop songs.


Frank has been a proud PRS player since the mid 80’s and has an array or solid body and hollow body guitars from the Maryland based company.  On the acoustic end of things Frank is now an avid Maton guitar fan utilizing a SRS808C acoustic as well as a Maton Mini.  Frank’s processing gear is exclusively Fractal Audio products that he has been working with since 2017.  Very few “pedal” products are used by Frank but when he does it is mostly Barber Electronic pedals and TC Electronic BodyRez pedals for warmth and clarity during acoustic shows.

Check this site for upcoming gigs often as they are subject to continuous change and addition.

Upcoming Events

Sons of Pirates were fabulous! People were up and dancing and singing along. Such a fun and enjoyable evening.